About Us

Based on honesty, integrity, experience, and creativity, AB Contractors is well versed with revamping and establishing homes to hold a more modern appearance according to your desires. From basement to kitchen to bedrooms to attics, AB Contractors does it all.

What makes AB Contractors different from any other contractor company?

It’s simple…. Creativity! Our work cannot be replicated. So far, all business has been referral business, which means our work speaks for itself.


Your basic living room, revamped to become an actual room you’d like to live in!

This room had only one lamp as a source of light. Our team in a short period of time ran some wires, added some sheet rock and paint and…. voila, a completely modern and well-lit room.

Once more, completing a renovation job might be difficult. You might not have enough time to complete the cleanup by yourself if you are working all day. Therefore, you should work with a local garbage collector to handle the job for you in order to make it much easier. No matter what time it is, they may easily visit your location to assist in sorting away construction debris nearby for which we recommend hiring Sydney rubbish removal services.

edison kitchen

Notice in this transformation, we went from no kitchen to a modern kitchen with LED lighting. This is what we are all about, transforming a dull room into an exciting room.

Basically, our services are anything you can think of that pertains to your house or business. We are licensed and insured, as well as everything done by the book. We apply our 25 years of experience to every project. Please contact us for a free estimate.

Did we mention that basements are just some of the spaces we can transform?

Basement Transformation